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Knight Makes Move to Las Vegas  and into Mayweather Boxing Gym

Ava Knight made the decision to move from the Bay Area to come to Las Vegas with her coach Ben Bautista and make a statement for Women's Boxing. Her statement has been made working in the Mayweather Gym and being welcomed in by Floyd himself. 

Knight's ultimate goal is to catch the attention of promoters for women's boxing so it can become a part of the sport as much as the woman have done in MMA.  Floyd and Mayweather Promotions have seen to take a positive outlook on what Ava has shown in the gym. Knight said, "I have never been in a a gym with so much hunger and dedication to the sport. It is so motivating and to see how Floyd interacts with his fighters makes me want to become a part of the team.  It would be great to be Mayweather Promotion's first female champion. I am dedicated to make a statement here in Las Vegas for the women." 

Knight also stated, "I am tired of fighting in Mexico. I love how they love boxing in Mexico and it doesn't matter if your male or female, but I have had so many bad and dirty things happen in the past before fights in opponents hometowns in Mexico, it just makes me want to try harder to get female boxing back the USA. I have a huge fan base everywhere but the USA and its time to change that."

Knight takes UD Loss in Lt. Flyweight Bout

Ava Knight flew all the way back to Toluca, Mexico to fight the local favorite Ibeth "La Roca" Zamora. Knight came out to Mexico after getting the call three weeks before the fight to get ready for the tough light flyweight champion.

The fight was a close one. With action going back and forth, it was a show of who could keep going forward. It was an action packed bout that was scored unfairly, but Knight accepted the loss with no animosity towards anything that had happened. 

La Roca is a tough Light Flyweight Champion and kept her WBC Championship that night.

October 26, 2013


Knight Defeats Soto

On May 11, Ava Knight defeated Linda Soto in a Technical fight by unanimous decision. It was an action packed bout with Soto relentless with coming forward to press Ava. Ava stayed calm and moved and picked her shots landing Soto with a straight right in the fourth to give her an eight count.

As the fight went on both fighters seemed to feel the 10,500 foot altitude but fought hard till the end. Knight finished the bout to look untouched and is now on her journey to find her next opponent.

Knight to Fight in Toluca May 11

Ava Knight will be heading back to Mexico to defend her WBC Silver World Title in the Flyweight division. Mexico has been the only place that has welcomed Ava with open arms to continue to fight in their country with respect for her fighting style, technique, and personality. 

Knight will take on Linda Soto out of Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico. It will be an action packed fight with Mexico continuing to find a fighter to ruin Ava's raining wins on Mexico. 

Knight Beats Vazquez in the Rematch

In a hard fought 10 round battle, Ava Knight won the WBC World Title beating Susana Vazquez. Ava weighing in at 110 lbs, took this fight wanting to see how a ten round fight would go with two good hands, because early in the previous fight, Ava's hands were injured, but a recurrence happened of injury. 

It was a one sided fight, but with the heart of Susana, the fight was deemed the most exciting fight of the night.  With all the hard punches, Susana never backed down and swung like she was there to prove a point, and she did. Susana has proved to be one of the toughest Mexicanas in Mexico, fighting all the greatest fighters including Jackie Nava, Mariana Juarez, Ana Maria, and now Ava Knight. 

"I truly respect Susana as a fighter and a person. We had a hard time finding an opponent and she willfully came out. She is tough and she was here to fight. I have become a fan of hers and will root for her on her upcoming fights as she goes down to 108lbs," Ava said.  


Knight to take on Vazquez in Rematch

International Boxing Federation (IBF) Flyweight Champion and World Boxing Federation (WBC) Diamond Champion, Ava “The Lady of Boxing” Knight (Chico, California, 10-1-3, 5 KOs) plans on making her first 2013 fight another win on her record. With the absence of finding the few other top champions of the flyweight division capable to come out and step up, Team Knight decided to give Susana “Toluquita” Vazquez (Toluca, Mexico, 8-7-1, 3 KOs) the rematch she wanted. In a previous interview, Susana stated, “I saw the repetition of the victory of Ava Knight on Mariana Juárez and I feel that I gave a better fight against Ava.”

Knight injured her hand in the third round of the first fight against Susana and is hoping with full recovery and preparation; she can come out with the Knock Out she promised in the first fight. Ben Bautista has been working on power and precision in the ring to make this fight easier than the first saying, “Susana is a great, strong fighter and deserves a lot of respect for wanting to get back in the ring with Ava, but we will show her no mercy in the ring.” Knight followed by saying, “I want to make 2013 the year I prove to the world that I have Knock Out power and it’s time to step it up and show it.”

The fight titled “Llegga a Chihuahua” will be on Mexican television network, Televisa, January 26, as part of their weekly boxing series, "Sabados de Coronas." It will be taking place at the Gimnasio Manuel Bernardo Arguirre and presented by Promociones del Pueblo, HG Boxing, and Grupo Modelo. Mexican boxing stars, Hugo "Increíble" Cázares, and Mexico’s 2012 Olympic Boxer Óscar Molina will also be featured on the card.

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Ava wins WBC Diamond Belt and Succesfully defends IBF World Title along with Winning the Flyweight Crown

On October 13, 2012 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Ava Knight (111 lbs) won the WBC Diamond Flyweight title with a ten-round unanimous (97-93,96-94,97-93) decision over Mariana Juarez (112 lbs) of Mexico.

Knight defeated Susana Vazquez by unanimous decision to retain her IBF Flyweight Title.



TORREON, COAHUILA DE ZARAGOZA, MEXICO, June 30 – On Saturday night, International Boxing Federation (IBF) Flyweight Champion, Ava “The Lady of Boxing” Knight made her second successful title defense, defeating Susana “Toluquita” Vazquez by unanimous decision at the Auditorio Centenario. The three judges sitting at ringside scored the bout 99-91, 98-92, and 98-92, all in favor of Knight. Knight’s record improved to 9-1-3, with 5 KOs, and Vazquez saw her record fall to 8-7-1, with 3 KOs.
            Knight talked about her fight against Vazquez. She said, “Susana was a very tough fighter. I thought she was aggressive and she moved around well. She tried to pull me into a brawl during the fight, but my jabs and outside punches proved to be successful. She did a good job in taking a lot of good, solid shots. Our fight was full of action.”
            Ben Bautista, Knight’s trainer and manager, said, “I felt Ava did what she had to do to win the fight. We knew we had the reach, speed and power advantages, and “the stick” was going to be the key to the fight and she was able to use “the stick” effectively to set up her punches and keep her opponent off of her.  I did see why Susana was a tough opponent for Arely [Mucino] and Mariana [Juarez]. She is very durable and has a tough chin. Susana is not going out without a fight. I thought Ava dominated the fight. I did think two of the judges were being generous by awarding Susana two rounds.
            With the win, Knight looks ahead to her next challenge as a champion. She said, “I have now made 2 successful title defenses in the flyweight division. Hopefully, I’ll get in the ring with another strong opponent to test my skill and will. I only want to be in the ring with people I can learn from.”
            Coach Bautista agreed with Knight, but understands that she is still developing as a boxer. He said, “Ava is still a work in progress. Rome wasn't torn down in a day and it sure wasn't rebuilt in a day. It’s going to take time to put together a complete package. We will go back to the gym to work on areas we need to improve in her game, and she will continue to get better, because she also sees what needs to be polished. She did show improvement in this fight. I was really impressed by how she used her jab as her offense and defense.”
            Bautista then went on to share a glimpse of Team Knight’s future plans. He said, “We still want to fight the best in the flyweight division and compete for all the titles. The biggest fight for Ava would be her rematch against Ana Marie Torres, but Ana is pregnant, so our plans to fight her change a bit. We just have to wait until she returns to the boxing ring. We know that many fans want to see Ava versus Melissa McMorrow, since they both hold titles in the same weight division and are training in the Bay Area. Before that can happen, McMorrow must first rematch Susi Kentikian. We would like to fight Mariana Juarez next, then after that, we can fight the winner of McMorrow versus Kentikian.”
            Knight thanked her fans and the media for all their coverage. She said, “I just want to thank all of the my fans for their kind words and thank the media for putting out articles in support of myself and women's boxing. I only hope to recover to bring better fights and more action to the sport.” Bautista added, “We would like to acknowledge SFC Boxing Gym and HG Promotions. We would also like to thank our sponsors, Muscle Milk, Nike, and Fire apparel.”
Ava Knight was born and raised in Chico, California, where her boxing training began at the age of thirteen. Knight had a stellar amateur career, which included wins over the 110 lb. Golden Gloves Champion and the National P.A.L. 114 lb. champion (twice) in 2006. She won the flyweight silver medal at the 2006 National Amateur Championships and was also a two-time San Francisco Golden Gloves titlist. Her amateur career record was an impressive 28-4.
Knight, a 23-year old of Polish and African-American descent, trains at the SFC (Straight Forward Club) Boxing Gym in San Francisco, California. On October 29, 2011, Knight won the IBF Flyweight Title by defeating the undefeated Mexican champion, Arely Mucino via a second round knockout. Prior to the fight against Vazquez, Knight made her first successful IBF Flyweight title defense on March 31, 2012, in a ten round TKO win against Thailand’s Hongfah Tor Buamas. 
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Weigh-In Photos   Ava Knight VS Susana Vazquez-  June 29


Knight will make her second IBF Flyweight Title defense in Mexico against Susana Vazquez, live on Televisa.

TORREON, COAHUILA DE ZARAGOZA, MEXICO – International Boxing Federation (IBF) Flyweight Champion, Ava “The Lady of Boxing” Knight (Chico, California, 8-1-3, 5 KOs) will defend her title on June 30, 2012, against Susana “Toluquita” Vazquez (Toluca, Mexico, 8-6-1, 3 KOs) at the Auditorio Centenario, located in Torreon, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico. Knight’s 10-round, IBF title defense will be featured on the Mexican television network, Televisa, as part of their weekly boxing series, "Sabados de Coronas". The fight card titled "Noche de Guerreros (Night of the Warriors)" is presented by Promociones del Pueblo, HG Boxing, Kochul Montiel Producciones, and Grupo Modelo. Mexican boxing stars Marco Antonio Rubio, undefeated Roberto Ortiz, and Katia Gutierrez will also be featured on the card (in separate bouts).
Ava Knight was born in Chico, California, to a Polish mother and an African-American father. A female friend introduced her to the sport of boxing by regularly taking her to a local gym and by the age of thirteen, Knight began her boxing training. Joe Rodriguez, her first boxing coach, bestowed upon her the nickname, “The Lady of Boxing,” because of her respectful and polite demeanor in the gym. Rodriguez, his son, Louis, and Ava’s father, Eliot, helped train Knight for eight years, and are credited with producing Ava’s strong boxing fundamentals.
Knight had a stellar amateur career, which included wins over the 110 lb. Golden Gloves Champion and the National P.A.L. 114 lb. champion (twice) in 2006. She won the flyweight silver medal at the 2006 National Amateur Championships and was also a two-time San Francisco Golden Gloves titlist. Her amateur career record was an impressive 28-4.
On August 30, 2007, at the age of nineteen, Knight made her professional boxing debut, with a unanimous decision victory against Leonie Hall. Since then, Knight has defeated two current world champions, Kaliesha West in 2008, and Arely Mucino in 2011. Her only loss came in 2009, at the hands of another world champion, Ana Maria Torres.  During the fight with Torres, Knight was ailing from a back injury and had food poisoning, but still managed to go the distance.
In 2010, Ava Knight moved to the SFC (Straight Forward Club) Boxing Gym in San Francisco, California, under the guidance of her current boxing trainer and manager, Ben Bautista. On October 29, 2011, with Bautista in her corner, she defeated the previously unbeaten IBF Flyweight Champion, Arely Mucino, with a second round knockout. Knight last fought on March 31, 2012, when she made her first successful IBF Flyweight title defense against Thailand’s Hongfah Tor Buamas. Knight dominated every round of the fight with Buamas, landed an abundance of punishing blows, and eventually won by TKO in the tenth and final round.
Now twenty-three years old, Knight makes her second IBF title defense on the June 30 fight card. Her opponent, Susana Vazquez, has lost six times in her career, but five of those losses were to four different world champions, Ana Maria Torres, Jackie Nava, Mariana Juarez (twice), and Arely Mucino.
Team Knight is prepared to face a battle-tested Vazquez. Knight said, “Vazquez is a very tough opponent. She has been in the ring with many great Mexican boxing stars; some that I hope to fight someday. I am training hard to make our fight a short one, but if that isn’t the case, I have been in the gym, grinding hard, to make sure we go out with a unanimous decision. I never take anyone lightly, and plan on giving the fans all they can handle.”
Coach Ben Bautista said, “Susana Vazquez is definitely a tough and worthy opponent. She has been in there with the best and has been in close fights with them. Ava is prepared to overcome Susana's efforts in the ring.”
In preparation for this fight, Knight left her home in Chico and had a multi-week training camp in the Bay Area. Knight said, “Training camp has been going great. My coach, Ben Bautista, has been hard at work, sharpening my skills and making adjustments for our opponent. I traveled to the many Bay Area Boxing Gyms in order to get in the ring with the best boxers in the area. My father, Eliot Knight, was a great help to me in camp and it’s great to keep him involved in my career.”
Bautista added, “Training Camp has been on point. Ava has followed the script that I laid out for her. She has been free from distractions and is mentally focused on winning. We worked on many things in camp that centered on enhancing her skills and elevating her mental capabilities. Ava is still a work in progress, but she is striving to become a complete fighter.”
Team Knight is excited to return to Mexico, where they have been well received by their passionate boxing fans. Ava said, “I am very happy to be traveling back to Mexico. I love the atmosphere and the excitement from the fans. I am glad that Hector Garcia of HG Boxing is giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent on television. This will give many countries across the world the opportunity to see a great night for women’s boxing.” Bautista agreed and said, “I love fighting in Mexico. HG Promotions always takes care of us and the Mexican people have a whole lot of love for boxing. They have shown us that you don't have to be Mexican for them to love you. They will support a fighter who is willing to bring it every time they enter the ring, and I think that is why they love Ava. Her fan base in Mexico is growing at a fast rate.”
Team Knight hopes that the women’s boxing in America eventually catches up to the popularity it receives in Mexico. Knight said, “It is a shame that the United States hasn’t jumped on the wagon with televising female boxing, but I’m happy that other countries are willing to pick up our slack. Other countries are being entertained by displaying women that can fight and put on great shows. Women’s boxing is taking a big step with finally being added to the Olympics this year, and I am very happy that I am witnessing this day. A lot of women work very hard, and give up a lot of opportunities to be involved in this sport. There appears to be some steps being taken toward some type of equality and I am very happy about that.”
Coach Bautista gave his opinion on the sport. “Women's boxing is getting better, but still not close to getting the same respect as men's boxing. Hopefully, by making great matches like the last Ava Knight vs. Kaliesha West world title fight, which was the best female fight I ever witnessed, and by bringing similar fights to a major television network, the situation will change. Also, by showcasing women's boxing in the Olympics, it will excite more fans and invite more females to participate in the sport. With a growing fan base, perhaps more promoters will be enticed to get involved with women’s boxers and give them more decent wages.”
Knight is thankful for everyone that has supported her in preparation for this fight. Knight said, “I have to thank Coach Ben, SFC Boxing Gym, Boxing for Health, all the media, friends, family, and fans in Chico, the Bay Area, the U.S., Mexico, and all over the world for all the support I have received. I would like to thank Muscle Milk and Nike for their sponsorship. I am grateful to anyone that sent me a kind message or helped me in any way.”

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Ava Knight off to Mexico for Second Title Defense -  June 30

Ava Knight will be taking on Susana Vazquez of Mexico for her second title defense on the 30th of June in Torreon Mexico. 

FIGHT LIKE A GIRL -  Relay for Life  -  June 9-10

Ava Knight will be joining the Sole Sistas in Chico California's Relay for life.

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Ava Knight Wins Title Defense Successfully with KO (March 31, 2012)

World champion boxer Ava Knight successfully defended her International Boxing Federation flyweight crown last Saturday, March 31, in Los Cabos, Mexico. The 23-year-old Knight pounded her way to a 10th-round technical knockout over Thailand’s Hongfah Tor Buamas.


 Ava Knight did a great job staying busy the whole fight, landing crisp, hard punches to the Thai. Hongfah Tor Buamas tried to retaliate on many occasions, being successful at times---but her punches lacked the power to hurt Ava or tilt the fight in her favor.


Ava stated, "I went to the body early and tore the body all through the rounds and she just stayed up, she wouldn't go down. She was really tough, but after my coach said take her out, I decided to go all out in the last round and show everyone what I was about."  

Press Conference and Weigh-ins Where a Success (March 29, 2012)

The press conference was a successful one, with a few minor language mistakes, but mainly getting to the point.  Hongfah Tor Buamas, thanked everyone for being there while stating she had more experience and was not scared to face Ava Knight in the ring. Ava kindly took the floor and said "...we trained hard so we could create the same results as last time."

As the conference went on a statement was mentioned about fighting Ana Maria Torres again in a rematch. Ava Knight stated, "...we have to look at one fight at a time. We are fighting Hongfah right now, but we do want our rematch in the near future." With kind demeanor, both champs looked at each other with a smile, as if the respect for one another had grew, but they both knew what was coming.

 The weigh-ins took place on a yacht, in front of the beautiful scenery of the Los Cabos Beaches. IBF flyweight champion Ava Knight and her challenger, Hongfah Tor Buamas, both met the 112-pound limit for Saturday's title fight, coming in at 111.10 apiece.


The fight will take place in Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico, and air on the Mexican channel Televisa 5, and also streamed live on the WBC website.  Pictures courtesy Team Knight/HG Boxing.



Ava Knight To Defend Title Against Hongfah Tor Buamas-March 31


On March 31, in Los Cabos, Mexico, Ava “Lady of Boxing” Knight will be fighting Hongfah Tor Buamas. The two are fighting 10 rounds with Ava defending her IBF Flyweight title. In another title bout, Ana Maria Torres defending WBC Super flyweight title against Maria Andrea Miranda. 



We ended the year 2011 with a 2(2)-0-1 record.  After a 16-month layoff, Knight (7-1-3, 4 KOs) finally came back into action in the game she knows best.  In January, at 110-lbs she knocked out Gloria Salas, followed by an exciting draw with Kaliesha West five months later, that almost won her the WBO bantamweight title. But all things happen for a reason, and moving up in weight may not have been her calling. In October, Ava traveled to Colima Mexico, where she Knocked Out Arely Mucino in the second round for the IBF flyweight title.  The belt was Knight’s first world title, making the 112-pounder the fifth reigning champ in NorCal.

 Ava Knight has had a hard time, moving from Chico to the big City to train and become the great boxer she is now. Every boxer has to have a foundation which to stand on and to keep her ring of support strong. SFC has been her home now for the last two years and she has been able to continue chasing her dream of becoming pound for pound champion.

She has been under Coach Ben Bautista's wing for some time now and has become a part of their net of champions inside and outside the ring at SFC.  Ben Bautista has earned his spot as Northern California Amateur Coach of the year because of his constant presence on the amateur scene, with Central Pacific District middleweight champion Aaron Coley and National PAL female middleweight bronze medalist Raquel Miller.  Maintaining these duties while holding a post as Northern California Regional Director for USA Boxing, Ben doesn’t look to stop anytime soon.


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On Friday, October 29th in Colima Mexico, Ava Knight took the IBF Flyweight World title from Arely Mucino of Mexico. The fight ended in a second round knock out that ended the fight with a bang.


Ava Knight: "I walked into that fight confident. I knew that if I wanted to win fare and square, I would have to come out with a knock out because I didn't want any questions to who really won.


Coach Ben Bautista of San Francisco had a plan, and we executed it exactly how we wanted to. Camp was hard, long, and a three hour drive back and forth from Chico to SF for training was brutal, but it was part of my road to becoming champion. I knew this was my chance to grab a title at a weight class I have been yearning to fight in since I started. Flyweight is my natural weight class, walking around at 114, so staying at this weight class strong is what I aim to do. I feel no one can beat me in the flyweight division and I am determined to stay Champion after 5 long years of being a professional and going through some tough fights that most girls don't see until they reach super star status.


The actual fight was short. The first round for me was a feel out round. I wanted to see what she was planning on doing and where she was going to be throwing her punches from. It was a close round, we were both being cautious and watching each other. The second round I noticed the difference in facial expression. After being hit, I saw that she didn't want to exchange anymore. I felt strong, and she was getting a taste of what a real flyweight feels like in the ring. I saw my openings and came in and executed a combination that ended in a straight right hand that dropped her to the floor, which the referee called a slip. After that moment I thought, I'm not going to get my knock downs counted for so it's time to get to work. I came in with a body punches that ended with a left hook to the head that took her out. The referee waived the fight off immediately and her corner and the doctor came in to help her.  Concerned about her safety, my corner and I all took a knee and prayed, and when finished, we came up paid our respect to her and enjoyed our victory.  

I am very proud to take home a championship to the people who have paid so much attention, time and love to bring me to this point in my life. I've always heard that I was going to be a world champion, and now I can finally say that I am. I have come to realize that boxing brings people together like family. My boxing family is a large one, but complete in the sense that I only need them to venture on the journey to get me to the top and stay there. Boxing is a lonely sport, so the team that backs you up are the people who care enough to put in time and work to see you succeed.

Thank you all for the support and love I have felt for the work that I have been put in. Thank you to my team, SFC, my coach Ben Bautista, sparring partners,the promoter Hector Garcia for the opportunity, Team Mucino for coming into the ring, and Improve Balance Bands for sponsoring me for my training camp. I will work hard every day to live my life as a champion and to keep this world title in my hands."











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